Thursday, 12 November 2015

Latest Painting Addition to my 15mm Feudals

Yet another batch of New and Refurbished Figures

Making use of the time to sort out the Project Lead Mountain I decided it was high time to finish off some missing gaps in my collection. Its all 15mm Feudal Era stuff.

New QRF/SMM 1200AD+ Knight Wedges

New QRF/SMM Dismounted Knights

New Donningtons FEC70 Mounted Crossbowmen painted up as Italian Berrovieri

Naismith/Roundway rebased with new Florence shield decoration

New Black Hat/Gladiator FE20 Spearmen painted up for Italian Commune Spearmen

Naismith/Roundway Sword & Bucklermen rebased and armour washed for Italian Condotta 

Unknown Crossbowmen rebased and retouched

Unknown Archers for Civic Militia foot

Old Minifigs 100YW English Archers rebased

Mixed Make Irr Bw O Archers

Unknown Make painted as more Civic Militia Psiloi

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