Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hungarian Light Cavalry for use in my Medieval German Army

15mm Feudal & Medieval Hungarian Light Cavalry

Having seen there were two distinctive phases when the Medieval Germans used Hungarian Light Cavalry in their armies I wondered if there was much difference in their dress style. After asking a couple of history sages on the WWW and finding out there was I ended up buying two batches of figures to enable me to field historically accurate looking figures depending on when I chose to date my Medieval Army list from.

The first group are for the 12th Century and I was recommended to buy the following figures:
They were nicely sculpted castings and painted up nicely.

The second group are for the 13th Century and I was recommended to buy the following figures:
http://www.mirliton.it/index.php?cName=historical-15mm-condottieri Ref CC006 as they were galloping but you can also buy CC005 which are walking. Mirliton figures are also very nice.


  1. Excellent. I am looking for these. Have four base of these models. Mine are not as colourful but would fit right in.

    1. Glad you liked them. I only needed eight elements for each period but because of the way the figures were sold I of course ended up with more figures than necessary so now have ten elements of each.

  2. Replies
    1. Took a while to get the paint finish right but the end result was great

  3. just realised my Hungarian Lh are neither mirlton ,black hat or Essex and can't find where they are from. Furry hats so closer to BH

  4. What about these? http://www.sgmm.biz/OT-07-Light-cavalry-with-unbarded-horses_p_1312.html

  5. Now I decided that I am morphing my Medievals into Later Hungarians these figures are going to form the bulk of the missing Hungarian Fast Light Horse I need to do. So a lot less painting needed now 1