Saturday, 23 January 2016

Troops of the Caliphate !

Pictures of my Muslim Arab States Collection

Who says you can never have too many Arab troops. I designed the collection so I could field every possible army from the end of the Later Pre-Islamic Arab army list through the Arab Conquest army list and ending up with the Mamluk Egyptian army list with every Arab Muslim army in between. I also have a collection of Indian troops which allow me to field the Arab-Indian Army too. For this reason apart from the command elements everything is as generic as possible and I should be able to use them for other armies that are not strictly Muslim Arab.

It started life as a Fatimid Egyptian Army for use with DBM v1.3. I then saw another Fatimid Army being sold on EBay for a price that was too good to miss so bought it and integrated it into my collection and then decided what other things I needed to buy to morph it into other armies and it sort of got out of hand. There are two sequential pictures of each of the ten draws of figures to give you an idea how many troops I can field. 

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