Friday, 4 March 2016

Hungarian Army in 15mm just finished

My New Later Hungarians Are Now Ready

I had a trio of Hungarian knights that I purchased from a friend as they were surplus to his needs. They were a Hungarian general and two Banderium. I had painted up two batches of ten Hungarian Light Horse Fast elements to use with my Medieval Germans and because I have not managed to sell any painted figures on EBay recently I decided that Project Lead Mountain needed a boost so I purchased some warwagons and some more light horse to create another totally new army. Since the armies infantry is generally regular I decided to given them a uniformed theme and opted to go with the colours of the Hungarian flag in use at this time of red and white. I have plenty of other figures in my collection to use to make up for any missing knights and other irregular infantry and I have a further sixteen light horse castings to paint up which I will style as Ruthenians or Cumans for variety. I really enjoyed painting this army and it made a different from the usual early Feudal stuff I have been painting until recently.

I have previously posted other pictures of Hungarian figures and you can see them by following this link and or just click in the Hungarians label above.

Naismith/Roundway Hungarian knights

Museum Miniatures Warwagons and Crew with Pavise

Blackhat Hungarian Light Horse Fast

Mirliton Hungarian Light Horse Fast

Essex Miniatures Serbian Hussars

Essex RNN3 painted as Tartar Light Horse

Donnington Rumanian MOLOC1 General & MOLOC5 Veteji painted as Szekler Light Horse General

Donnington mixed MOLOC4 & MOLOC6 Boyar painted as Szekler Light Horse

Naismith/Roundway RKH07 Clipeati Regular Spearmen

Naismith/Roundway Hungarian Armati Regular Blades

Naismith/Roundway RKS13 Crossbowmen Reg Ps O

Naismith/Roundway RKV08 Handgunners Reg Ps S

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  1. Very nice looking army - you've done a good job of selecting and painting the figures. I hope you enjoy playing with them.