Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Latest Additions To My Figure Collection

Lancashire Games 15mm Peasants and More Greeks

Here are the 24 elements of Irr Hd O I have just finished despite having them in my Project Lead Mountain for about five years. The figures are underfed looking. In all I painted 120 castings, I cannot remember exactly the make of the castings that comprise the group of Clerics. I also had a group of five peasants including the one flashing his bum at the French.

Having completed these finally means I can now field an Early Crusader Army for the 1st Crusade plus there now enough to cover any other Feudal Era army that uses Hordes as a troop type.

In addition to these figures I still have loads of damaged castings for the Graeco-Classical Era in Book 2 of the DBM army lists. After drilling out hands and fixing replacement javelins and also fixing some smaller round shields on some of the figures to make a good match I have ended up with some useful Hill Tribe elements. 

The six Irr Ax O elements were made up using 6 of each of the following old Minifigs castings Z70 Armenian, Javelin, Shield, Z118 Libyan Javelinmen & Z119 Paphlogonian, Javelin, Shield. One of the Hellenistic Greek lists has 6 x Irr Ax O Paphlogonian Foot so these are ideal.

The eight Irr Ps elements were made up by using 8 x Z124 Calabee, Javelin, Helmet, Shield & 8 x Z145 Aetolian or Agrianian Javelinmen. I painted them to match the Paphlagonian Hill Tribes foot so they would both slot into my Attalid Pergamene collection as discrete units. I had originally planned to sell these on EBay but have decided to keep them for now. The clothing is painted to represent poor troops clad in undyed linen and they are armed with basic javelins and most are carrying pain undecorated leather shields.

People often dismiss out of hand older castings such as Minifigs, Donningtons or even Essex but their figure designs often lend themselves to be painted up to represent many different troop types because in a lot of cases their casting code and descriptor is just a guide in my eyes.

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