Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hungarians Late to the Party Plus Refreshed other elements

The Last Two Groups Of Hungarians

I had sixteen left over mounted figures after I painted up the Tartars and after some research managed to work out they would be fine for Ruthenians and Cumans.

Essex RNN3 painted as Ruthenians Irr LH F

Essex RNN4 painted as Cumans Irr LH F

Whilst painting these I looked in the army collection and realised I still needed to refresh and rebase a lot more figures to bring them up to 2016 standards having originally painted them back in the early 1990's. This forced me to have a look through my Feudal collection to realise I have far too many figures in certain categories of troops than I need. I have been slowly selling off surplus figures over the last two years on EBay so now its the turn of the Feudals and Medievals period. The refreshed red lanced knights are not necessary for my collection and despite all the hard work bringing them up to my 2016 standard of presentation will be offered for sale in due course.

Museum Miniatures MD25 Men at Arms War of Roses painted as R3 Retinue 

Naismith/Roundway Mounted Crossbowmen Reg LH I for my Condotta

Naismith/Roundway painted as generic knights for Later Condotta era

Naismith/Roundway Albanian Stradiots for my Condotta army

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