Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Tiny Painting Commission

Equites Indigine, Arabs?

I was asked to paint up four castings by a club mate. He said he knew they were not actually 100% accurate for what he wanted to use them for but since he had them laying around it was a shame to waste them. They are 15mm Legio Heroica Late Roman Light Horse Fast models. for the 350 AD - 476 AD period. The castings are nicely sculpted and once cleaned up I found them quite easy to paint up, The DBx Army lists class them as either Reg LH F or Irr LH F depending if they are classed as Roman or Indigine. I looked at my usual sources for painting references and after checking the Ospreys and drawing a blank I went to the elderly WRG publications. The Later Roman one mentions them as looking much the same as the Later Byzantine Horse Archers but of course didnt tell you what they looked like. So I then looked in the WRG Dark Age book and found the reference there. It said either red or blue tunics and not much else. So with the scope given me that as long as they were distinctive he would be happy and that they didn't look too Roman I decided on this in the end. I made sure they were darker skinned than my usual Italian types. I hope hes happy with the end result. He requested that they were hand varnished and unbased.

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