Sunday, 23 October 2016

Later Muslim Indian Delhi Sultanate - Part 3 of the Army

Delhi Sultanate - people who matter - the Commanders

Its been a slow couple of weeks as I got on with other things and tried to ensure that the generals for the Delhi Sultanate 15mm army look the part.

The generals castings are all taken from the spare figures I had left over from the MOG1 packs which I had used for my Cilician Armenian Generals. The escorts are all Essex castings but they came out of my spares box so I have no idea of the figure codes and cannot find them illustrated on the Essex Miniatures website. The standards are copied from the design mentioned on the Wikipedia Delhi Sultanate page.

Lastly I completed the last two elements that make up the Afghan contingent that I blogged about in part 2. I used Essex MOG7 castings and only needed to make up two elements of light horse.

I am now in the home straight with this army. I have two elements of Reg Art S Stone Throwing Trebuchets, four elements of Irr Ps S Handgunners, eight elements of Reg Art I Rocketeers and seven elements of Irr Kn F that comprise the Rathor allied contingent left to do.

I am currently painting up the Ottoman artillery crews and the Handgunners whilst I await the missing bits I need to create the Rocketeer elements.

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