Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Storing Figures 101

Running Out of Storage Space?

As an avid gamer I am always running out of storage space and this year is no different. I had a quick look online at Halford and found they were having a 50% off sale.  http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/storage/tool-chests-cabinets/halfords-professional-4-drawer-metal-portable-tool-chest Well this was too good to miss so I reserved it online and popped out this morning to collect it. It turned out they didnt have any in stock despite the reservation and I was offered the display tool chest. Apart from it being a little dusty there was a small dent in the side which I pointed out so I got another £3-00 off and ended up paying £25-99 instead of the £57-99 full price. If four draws are too many they also do a three draw version which is £21-50 in the sale.

The box holds a lot of elements and it finally meant that I could store the latest addition to my Arab-Muslim-Indian army collection which now takes up three of these chests. I still have some space spare in the third chest for the remaining Muslim Indian elements I still need to paint up along with the troops I might end up buying to create a Hindu Indian army. It also meant that I could move my Attalid Pergamene army into the same tool chest that the Early Armenians are in.

I could have bought more than one but that would only encourage me to buy more figures and to be honest I am still only 75% through Project Lead Mountain!


  1. 50% off makes them very good value. Damon it now I'll have to buy a few!!

  2. Great idea but a bit heavy for me.