Friday, 3 March 2017

Cilician Armenian In Disguise

Cilician Armenians Disguised As Mongols

This DBx army list has two elements of Irr LH F described as Armenians dressed as Mongols. I was at a loss what to do to create these two elements until as part of another EBay purchase I added one pack of 15mm Minifigs ZC350 Mongol Cavalry [Firing Bow] to the order.

I Googled for suitable images with very little luck, they were more traditional Asiatic Horde type drawings and thought that considering they were really Cilician Armenians in disguise I should try and make them fit into the rest of the army but still give them a flavour of what the Mongol Hordes would have looked like.

Like most of the Minifigs range they are very old sculpts despite the old company having remastered all of their horses over 15 years ago or more. They are still quite crisp castings and required minimal cleaning up to get them ready for painting. I added them to the list of items to be painted which took on more urgency this week when I decided that I intended to use the Cilician Armenians for the first time on Sunday at Essex Warriors and I wanted to swop out the two Arab-Muslim light horse elements of Horse Archers I was using in their place.

So to all those gamers out there who dismiss Minifigs as being old castings this isn't always the case and with a steady hand and a keen eye you can get some very nice results.

Minifigs ZC350 Mongol Cavalry [Firing Bow]

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