Sunday, 5 March 2017

First Run Out With Cilician Armenians

Cilician Armenians Invade the Serbian Empire

I have been building new armies over the last four years as part of Project Lead Mountain. Recently an old gaming buddy rejoined the club and has been getting back into the swing of DBM.

We have been pretty flexible on what games we played and whilst we have stuck with DBM v3.3 and using the M2 and MM2 lists we have been sticking to Book 4 games at the present.

I decided on using my Cilician Armenians which had not been used since I finished them and to my horror Brian went for Serbian Empire. 

Brians army was organised in three commands:-
CinC 26 E/23 EE/8 D [25% = 6 EE]
C2 24 E/22 EE/ 7.5 D [25% = 5.5 EE]
C3 22 E/20 EE/7 D [25% = 5 EE]
Army 72 E/65 EE/32.5 B

My army was a four command one totalling 88 elements and was the first try out. I was pleased with the performance despite Brian having the luck of the devil with his PIP dice rolls most of the time.

When we called time after 4 hours we were both in a strong position, Brian had started to break up my right flank whilst I had started to destroy his central position by killing some of his CinC's command Kn S. The game ended on a 5-5 score with neither of us having taken 25% from an enemy command which converted to 16-16 using the BHGS scoring system.

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