Thursday, 13 April 2017

Ghassanids - Later Pre-Islamic Arabs

LPIA Allies

I was asked to paint up an LPIA allied contingent to go with a Patrician Army by a clubmate. He provided the figures, I don't know the make, they didnt have enough shields and were missing their spears. I must admit I didnt know much about the LPIA list and was informed that Ghassanids were the tribal grouping that would have supplied these troops. As part of Project Lead Mountain I have tones of left over bits and pieces. The figures included a Medieval horse from Essex Miniatures for the generals figure which didnt match the other castings so I checked the spares box and found an almost identical style sculpt in the remnants so added the Essex horse to my own spares and substituted this horse instead. I put his shields into PLM and sorted out some shields to match the figures and gave the general his own distinctive shield. The thrusting spears are some sort of segmented bamboo type of spear with a metal tip.

After cleaning up the figures and drilling out their spear hands I glued in some plain wire thrusting spears. Its a shame I cannot be sure of the make but suspect the might be CB or LH type castings.

I started them three days ago and hand varnished them yesterday evening. My clubmate does his own bases so I have temporarily hot glued them to MDF bases to take some pictures. They also make transporting them easier when secured to a base. He wants six Essex camel riders painted as well which I am currently working on. All in all this little commission was a nice change from painting Polish troops for my own Medieval army.

Camels now finished and posted further below.

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