Friday, 7 April 2017

Early Swiss Morph From Later Swiss

Early Swiss Is Now Started

Having built a Later Swiss army I decided that with the addition of a load of Reg Bd X I would make it into an Early Swiss beast. To be honest it was because I had more metal in Project Lead Mountain to clear from the pile.

So with six packs of Minifigs Z317 European Infantry, Helmet, Bill and not having any other use for them I decided on the Swiss. They are old sculpts, very clean and simple to paint. After cleaning up and prep I decided on a uniform appearance. I am very pleased with how they turned out and will slot into the other Swiss troops I have without any problems. I will have to finish off the last of the Later Swiss to ensure I have enough Reg Bd X to field the Early Swiss but its not a project in a rush.

Minifigs Z317 European Infantry, Helmet, Bill making 16 elements of Swiss Reg Bd X 

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