Wednesday, 26 April 2017

MDF Gaming Aids

Recently Discovered Another MDF Gaming Aid Company

Being the inveterate wargamer I tend to go online and if I see something of interest click on the link. No its not always porn :-) 

Anyway over the weekend I was on Facebook when I found a link totally at random for a company I have never heard of before called Beadspoke Designs The company is run by a man called James Claypole who responded to my email enquiry very promptly and much to my surprise despite ordering a personalised item in addition to a generic off the peg product informed me that the order was in the post on Monday and had arrived to me on Tuesday. Under 48 hours from order to arrival was excellent service.

I had a browse through the product range and whilst not much of it was of interest to me there were two items that jumped out as being very useful. His website is split into three parts, one deals with his business part, another with 3D models and the third part hobby accessories.

The first item I saw was a Compass Rose. It comes fully assembled and is 100 mm in diameter. The wind direction arrow is held in place by a green plastic pig that is quite firmly pushed into the hole in the backing plate and the arrow freely rotates. for £3-50 its well worth buying and has multiple uses.

The second item I saw was a turn counter. The website didnt mention that it required assembly and it didn't come with any instructions. The assembled counter is 60mm wide and 30 mm high and about 7mm deep. There are eight pieces in all that will require careful cutting out of the template with a sharp knife. The base plate is pre-marked with the positions that the four spacers must be glued onto. I used boatbuilders superglue and carefully placed the two dots which act as axles for the dials and then glued in the two triangles and held then on place with pegs for about two minutes until the bottom glue coating had set. Once its set you just pop on the dials remembering to make sure they are the right way round and on the correct sides so the numbers line up at the centre the right way up. Anothe quick application of superglue and carefully dropping to top onto the spacers and reusing the clothes pegs resulted in a small and perfectly functionally turn counter that runs from 0 to 99. Only time will tell how durable it is but that will be most likely because the glue I used has failed rather than anything else.

All in all I spent £5-50 including personalisation and this included free delivery. 

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