Wednesday, 8 May 2019

King Richard III Army at Bosworth Field - Part 3

My Take On King Richards Army - Part 3

This is the last blog entry about how I created King Richard's army for Bosworth Field. Part of the army consisted of troops designated as Northern Border Foot. This was a problem as no one made dedicated castings to represent this trooptype which consisted of a mix of Spearmen, Swordsmen and Archers. I searched all the usual 15mm figure makers before I came across the WoR range from Fighting 15's. These were already known to me as they have been sold under the Gladiator Games, Blackhat and finally Gladiator Miniatures brand. They WoR range is listed here and they list code WOR013 Northern Spearmen which is actually a cheat as this is a duplicate listing of their Brigans Shieldless Spearmen castings.

The figures are well sculpted and cleanly cast despite their venerable age and having passed through three different owners. There are a few different poses and the figure mix is totally random. I needed twelve elements of Irr Sp I totalling 48 castings. I decided that given the figure mix I received I would create 4 elements of identical poses and 8 elements mixed and matched in pairs where possible. Being Border Levies to protect against the Scottish raiders raised by order of the crown I felt that they would have had at least a minimal standard of dress and equipment.

Gladiator WOR013 Northern Border Spearmen 

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  1. In private chats with the current owner he informs me theres quite a few code shares in the Gladiator figure range. He is slowing finding out all of them as they are not all in his casting book. Due to the way the casting moulds are made up unfortunately its not possible to select particular castings due to the mix of the sculpts in them and the fact that some moulds contain different casting codes all mixed up!