Saturday, 20 July 2019

15mm Military Orders Knights Hospitallars Commission - Part 1

Military Orders For Richard the Lionheart - Part 1

At the club some players are time poor and ask me to paint up bits and pieces as commissions once in a while. One of the members is now building a Later Crusader Army for Richard the 1st and wanted some military order troops. He told me they are Legio Heroica castings codes CRU 6, 7 & 9.

The 18 castings were very clean but needed assembly which is my pet hate! Horses, riders,shields and lances where carried all make for a time sink. I was also asked to give them pennons, flags and decorated shields which meant I need to create new flag sheets for this period. There is only one set of command figures so I rooted through Project Lead Mountain and found three more castings from Essex that are ideal for a second generals element which I have offered on a first refusal basis. These will be on the next blog entry - probably?

I painted all the horses first then did the nine Hospitallars riders which is what this blog entry will show. He wants the figures unbased so he can match them to the rest of his army.