Saturday, 21 September 2019

15mm Athenian Greek Command Commission

15mm Greek Command Commission

Paul surprised me at Iceni earlier this month with another bag of figures to paint. He said "I want two Generals elements out of this lot and you can keep the rest." Since I was unsure which figures he wanted to use I painted up all fourteen castings. I have never painted AB Ancients before, they were cleanly cast but the Hoplites had a separate shield arm that needed to be glued onto the castings. They were fairly easy to paint up once I had settled on a colour scheme, helmet crests and sourced some suitable shield designs to copy by hand onto the plain bronze shield faces. The figures are on plain sand bases because Paul will be basing them himself to match his other elements in the Athenian Army he is building.

I think he will like them and once he decided what he wants to keep I may get some figures out of it for my own collection.