Thursday, 10 October 2019

Milanese Civic Militia Under the Visconti's 1277 AD to 1447 AD

Milanese Civic Militia Spearmen 1277 AD to 1447 AD

As part of my ongoing project to clear out unpainted metal and replace items in my collection with more suitable figures I purchased a batch of QRF Italian Militia Spearmen back in April Code MIT03 Italian Pavisiers/Spearmen
Some of them ended up at Catalan Company troops as per a previous blog entry and I had 24 left over castings in the same pose that were ideal for Spearmen or the front tank of Pavisier carriers.

Subsequent to this I purchased a huge batch of Blackhat Italian Spearmen at 50% off in the Vexillia Clearance Sale as they have discontinued selling these castings as he restructures his business into other options. This meant that the original plan to use them to create more Reg Bw X/O elements went out the window.

I recently used my Italian Condotta Army in a special game at the Club Open Day and fielded the Milan version against the Republic of Florence. The Civic Militia Spearmen I had were actually Roundway Hungarian Spearmen and totally unsuitable for the army but were the only figures I had when I created the army 20 years ago. I have now rebased the figures and repainted their shields into something more Eastern European looking and intend to sell them on [pictures at the end of this blog].

Since I wanted to field the Visconti Era army I looked at the heraldry for this time and realised that the Milan arms are the Flag of St Ambrose, which English people will notice is exactly the same as the Flag of St George. To be honest plain white shields with a red cross are really boring and uninspired so I took the liberty of creating my own shield transfers using the Family Arms of the Visconti's as the model. I often create my own flags and transfers and I am very pleased in how they turned out.

QRF MIT03 Italian Spearmen

These are the now surplus Naismith/Roundway Hungarian Spearmen

Roundway RKH08 Armati Heavy Infantry