Wednesday, 24 June 2020

15mm "Chinese" Army Off EBay Part 3

Progress Update On The Chinese 3

The Lockdown means I have plenty of enforced at home time. So when I am not drinking a nice ice cold Vodka and Orange I have been working through Project Lead Mountain. This years main project is to complete the Chinese Mega Morph I have blogged about earlier this year. I plan to create a Sung, Sui, Tang and Yuan army morph collection. I think the Ming option might be a morph too far at this time.

This is the first major progress update I have managed to do. Taking figures off old tired bases consumed a lot of my time but having a lot of quite nicely painted figures to hand made it a lot easier than I had previously thought. 

This blog contains a progress report on 196 pre-painted infantry, 12 pre-painted cavalry and 158 newly painted infantry. I made up a total of 87 elements in all [354 infantry and 12 cavalry]. This has allowed me to produce the 36 missing Horde elements to use in the Sui Million Man Army which has a total of 60 Irr Hd O.

I will start with the pre-painted infantry.

Essex Spearmen used to create Reg Ax O [Blue Pennants]

Essex Spearmen used to create Reg Ax O [Green Pennants]

Essex Javelinmen use to Create Reg Ax O

Mike Models [I think] Irr Bw O Crossbowmen

Mike Models [I think] Irr Ps O Crossbowmen

Essex Javelinmen Reg Ax O

Leftover Outpost Swordsmen Reg Bd O I added spare shields to make them elite looking

Mike Models [I think] Unknown Armoured Cavalry

Two Dragons Peasants [sold by Minifigs] 10 Irr Hd O

Essex Mixed Infantry 10 Irr Hd O

Now for the Brand New infantry mostly Essex Chinese Peasants 16 Irr Hd O

Essex Peasants plus two officers repurposed into Long Spear Infantry 4 x Reg Pk I

Six spare Essex Peasants used to create 2 x Irr Ax O or Irr Wb F

Outpost Unarmoured Swordsmen 4 x Irr Bd I

Outpost Unarmoured Archers 12 x Reg Bw I/O

All the elements ready to be put in their storage boxes.


  1. Pretty impressive effort, and yes, the cavalry look like Mike's Models to me too.