Sunday, 13 September 2020

15mm "Chinese" Army Off Ebay Part 7

Progress Update On The Chinese Part 7

So after completing my blog yesterday I had 111 elements still to have their bases finished and then spray sealed. It took me all of yesterday and most of this morning to do the basing up. The figures are all mnixed up some are from the purchase, some are my own brand new additions. Plus I was lucky to pick up a large unpainted batch of Mongol-Chinese infantry and tons of mounted. I have not touched the mounted additions I planned to do but this virtually completes my Three Kingdom, Sui, Tang, Sung & Yuan infantry. I am just short of some decent handgunner elements as far as I can tell.

First up are the masses of Sung Crossbowmen, there is the option to take 48 elements of Irr Bw X or 24 elements of Irr Bw X/O or a mixture. I opten to make them all are single bases and will tape them together as need be. So I have 48 Irr Bw X and 24 Irr Bw O in various uniforms and mixed makes. When I have identified them I have put them in the comments below the lead pictures

The 1st group were all painted from the EBay purchase except for a single spearmen which I matched painted to complete the group.Crossbowmen. Despite being remastered I think the older Essex Tang TA codes range are still available to special order.
Essex Miniatures SUA6 & SUA7 Sung Spearmen & Crossbowmen 24 x Irr Bw X/O DBE 

There were just rebased from the EBay purchase.
8 x Irr Bw X/O Essex TA7 Tang Spearmen  + TA8 Tang Crossbowmen

The spearmen are newly painted to match the crossbowmen. I am very pleased with the match up.
More Essex Sung SUA6 & SUA7 8 x Irr Bw X/O

A new batch of Essex Sung SUA6 & SUA7 8 x Irr Bw X/O

Essex Tang TA8 Crossbowmen with new Essex Tang/Sui TSU3 Spearmen 8 x Irr Bw X SBE

New Essex TA6 Tang Heavy Infantry + TA8 Tang Crossbowmen 8 x Irr Bw X SBE

A new batch of Essex Sung SUA6 & SUA7 8 x Irr Bw X

Essex CHO17 Generic Chinese Javelinmen 6 x Irr Ax I/O New

Essex Tang TSU6 Spearmen - NEW Irr Pk I

Mikes Models I think

More Mikes Models

New Essex TA8 Tang Crossbowmen 5 x Ps O

Think these are Two Dragons

Essex TA7 Tang Spearmen

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