Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Current painting project

Having had too much unpainted metal than I care to think about I have been working through the lead mountain. After virtually finishing off my Arab morph collection I thought about a new project for 2014. I looked into  the one of the draws and remembered that I have most of the metal for a Kn X version of Early Armenians. So after having a sort out of the figures I had and what options were missing I visited the junk spares box which is full of left over and otherwise abandoned projects to gather together some figures to use for the missing elements. After all that I was only three bags of Essex Miniatures [24 infantry] short to make up this army. I am currently half way through the Armenian Auxulia having nearly finished off 16 bases of Irr Ax O. I just need to do another 20 bases and then its on to the Irr LH F and the whole army is painted up. I will then do a mass basing session before varnishing the whole army in one go. I am not sure if this armies a keeper or seller and will decide after its finished and maybe once a few games are out of the way. I am surprised how quick its taken to get it done considering I have been doing other items in between. This then raises the problem what to do when the Armenians are finished.

PS I will be adding some photo's when its all finished.

PPS, The first half of the Auxilia are now painted and I am half way through the second batch but am stalled awaiting the post to arrive so I can continue it with the missing figures. Whilst waiting I cleaned up some of the light horse figures ready to start afterwards and have started texture basing up the Cataphracts to fill the time.

PPPS, The last of the figures have turned up from Essex and I am raving through them. Got to take a day off painting as I have a game using a totally new army at Essex Warriors.

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