Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Early Armenian Irr Cv S/Irr Kn F

The never ending Armenians

Just started the 60 cavalry figures that make up the late option mounted that replaced the Cataphracts. The horses are nearly done. Then its batch colour painting them all in succession. It takes a long time, no longer than painting smaller batches but appears to be ever ending. They are Irr Cv S in DBM but become Irr Kn F in DBMM! Thankfully theres no difference in the figures I am using.
Update, due to other projects taking priority I had to put aside these figures after finishing off the horses, armour and leather., I will restart them soon probably after the weekend of 14th September. I hate painting these figures, I am not sure if its a case of that theres 60 of them to do at the same time or that the figures dont lend themselves to being painted easily because of the sculpt design. They will look the business once finished but are sapping the soul out of me at the moment.

Finally finished painting them late last night and have glued them to their bases awaiting finishing off. [18/09/14] They were a pain to do because I tried to make them as colourful as possible give they fact they belown to the Early Armenian list and I wanted them to colour match if possible. So the Armenians are finally finished being painted after 20 years sitting in a box!

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