Thursday, 10 July 2014

Early Armenians Painting Project

Early Armenians Painting Project - Update

I finally finished off all the infantry for the Early Armenians today. I got a really cheap collection of Horse Archers elements off EBay yesterday too. Apart from a bit of washing applied to the horses and putting magnetic sheeting under the bases earlier today they are now ready to be texture based to match the rest of the army. I still have lots of Irr LH [F] still to paint up along with a few more Irr Kn X Cataphracts which will allow me to morph it into a Parthian army too. I just ordered some QRF Cataphracts on half armoured horse in their Summer sale so I can use them as the Irr Cv S later list option. Once the whole army is based up I shall put some pictures on line.

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