Monday, 18 August 2014

500 AP Practice Game of DBM

First 500 AP DBM game in well over 15 years.

John from Essex Warriors turned up yesterday with 500 AP of Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid troops.

After some discussion about the legality of my terrain choices, which I did get wrong but made no difference in this game [thankfully]. We started our game at 10 am, by 5 pm we had still not got a result, I tried to play as fast as possible but a combination of John's deployment tactics, his lucky dice rolls, winning or surviving when he should have lost meant that whilst I had kicked the door lock open he was still firmly standing behind the door pushing back. 

I managed to kill one of his four Reg generals which meant that the command that was about to break sucked away the highest dice from his PiP's in the game.

I was half an element away from breaking this command with two Ps sitting within easy range of 2 Cv S in my next bound. I also managed to start rolling up his Kn S chariots in the centre. On his left flank I finally got my ally command into position and was pushing him slowly back awaiting for that first good dice roll against his Bw O that was anchoring the end of his line.

I am pleased how the army performed, it has sharpened my ideas on what to do.

I now have some perfectly legal terrain selection options to choose from having made some purpose built terrain pieces to use as necessary.

I have another practise game on the 31st against Andrew L who is using some of my Arab collection to use as Kurds.

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