Sunday, 31 August 2014

Today's Practice Game

Today's Practise game for Iceni

Andrews inexperience with DBM manifested itself greatly today.

He kept harking back to mechanics that were part of the old 6th and 7th Edition WRG rules as well as FoG. I must confess it was an easy victory that didn't do much to test my skills, but gave me one more game so I could get used to how my Iceni army operates. Given some practise and a decent choice of army Andrew has the making of a good player. Relearning DBM after not playing it since v1.3 must have come as a bit of a shock. He has picked up on a few things and I showed him a few good moves towards the end of the game and explained how and why I was doing things along the way. He took the game in good spirits but a run of poor dice rolls in combat didn't do him any good along the way. More details about my army of choice after Iceni. Now the Runners and Riders for Iceni 2014 have been announced I can reveal the army I used during this game was my Iceni entry, Khurasanian (Samanid), 963AD DBMM.

He is planning a Carthaginian Army at the moment so it will give my Polybian Romans something to have a historic match up against.

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