Wednesday, 9 December 2015

15mm Minifigs 482XC Burgundian Gendarmes d'Ordonnance

15mm Minifigs 482XC Burgundian Gendarmes d'Ordonnance

Having sorted through yet more unpainted figures as part of Project Lead Mountain I found I had 42 x 15mm Minifigs 482XC Burgundian Gendarmes d'Ordonnance to paint. Originally purchased as a now long abandoned attempt to create the One True Army. I purchased the figures over 20 years ago and they have sat in a draw since then slowly being raided for bits and pieces to create other elements for different armies.

Having looked at the castings I realised that just because it says Burgundian on the wrapper doesn't mean they have to be used for this army. By the later part of the 15th C the master armourers of Italy were selling their plate armour all over Europe to whoever could afford it. So below are the 42 finished castings to illustrate that despite being really old sculpts they paint up very nicely and are suitable for any High Medieval or Early Renaissance army.

I painted them in batches of nine using different metallic armour trims, gold, silver, bronze and copper so I could create four groups of three elements. I also used the same lance colours within each group so I could create three groups of four elements depending on how I devised my army lists and commands.

Blued Steel Men-at-Arms for use as Rich Superior Knights 

Gilt Trimmed Armour

Silver Trimmed Armour


Bronze Trimmed Armour

Copper Trimmed Armour

Blue Lances Grouped Together

Green Lances Grouped Together

Yellow Lances Grouped Together

Some of the online experts didnt like my blued steel knights. They have said its far too light and should be nearer to black [rather like modern guns are] well I guess the application of science doesnt lie? I might do some nice brown coloured knights next?


  1. love the figures. The uniform look works. I did mine with Essex.

  2. Sold them on now, they are now living in Australia.