Sunday, 6 December 2015

Medieval Germans v Teutonics

As Xmas approaches

As Xmas approaches I have been using the spare time to try out new armies. Todays game was no different. I had been sent Corbon Fishers Medieval German list that he used back in 2008 under DBM v2.x. I rejigged it to take into account the changes to DBM since 2008 and came up with a list that looked as it is had some merit. 400 AP DBM v3.2
The army has three commands including a Swiss Ally.
C1 - CinC 29 E/25 EE/8.5 D/25%=6.5 EE
C2 - Sub 29 E/24.5 EE/8.5 D/25%=6.5 EE
C3 - Swiss 17 E/15.5 EE/5.5 D/25%=4 EE
Army - 75 E/65 EE/32.5 B

Andy's Teutonics also consisted of three commands.
C1 - CinC 16 E/16 EE/6 D/25%=4 EE
C2 - Sub 27 E/20 EE/7 D/25%=5 EE
C3 - Sub 20 E/20 EE/7 D/25%=5 EE
Army - 63 E/56 EE/28 B

We rolled for aggression and I was the defender, hardly surprising given the difference of 3 between our armies aggression ratings.

The terrain placement wasnt too bad and I think I had my deployment in the right places. Even the Swiss were reliable though their very low PIP dice scored for most of the game meant they were not really in a position to make too much impact against the Teutonic forces.

I was slowly advancing to contact and seemed to be doing OK until the bowmen contacted my Free Canton contingent which bounced off the first bound, lost two elements to shooting the second bound and finally another four elements to a combination of combats between the crossbowmen and spearmen.

Andy had managed to redeploy his Teutonic knights opposite my knight contingent and we advanced to contact. I bounced off all along the line in the first round of combat, lost a wedge to a 6-1 in the second bound and it was all down hill after that. His S rating often saved his knights when he rolled low but with the overlaps against me. I couldn't even beat a single overlapped element of Reg Bw O with a wedge on a starting score of 4-3.

I seemed to have a succession of low rolls which lost me the command and with it the game as I could not see anything else I could do to save the CinC at this time so I conceded the game at this point. I had killed a total of two Teutonic knights and two crossbowmen elements but whilst I was still 7.5 EE away from total defeat it was only a matter of time before that happened and I could not see anyway off managing to destroy any of his elements whilst he rolled up my line.
So a 10-0 loss or 31-1 in BHGS terms.

The list does have some merit and Andy did say I seemed to have a series of bad dice rolls with lots of 1's and 2's when it made a lot of difference to my ability to survive.

Below are a series of pictures taken during the game up to the point just before I lost the CinC's command.

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