Saturday, 12 December 2015

Photography 101- Or how not to take crap pictures

How to make a Simple and Free Lightbox

Photograph 101 - or how to take pictures without spending a fortune on specialist equipment. Take a sturdy double skinned large cardboard box. Carefully dismantle it. After deciding which panel will be the bottom cut this into a trapezoid shape. Fold the excess rear panel around the sides. After removing the redundant sides use them to create new side panels.Use a stapler to assemble the whole thing as per picture 2. Paint the insides with a couple of coats of cheap white paint or emulsion and leave to dry. I used the remaining left over bits to use as a temporary roof which stops external above lighting from interfering with the colour balance.Place your figures inside the box and take as many pictures as necessary until you get your camera settings right to take decent in focus brightly lit figures. Took me an hour to do including painting the insides twice to get a decent finish. All the non gaming pictures taken on my blog are done using this box set up.

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