Friday, 18 December 2015

Cutting Project Lead Mountain Down To Size

Another Batch of Mounted Knights

Well I have just finished off some more mounted Feudal/Medieval Knights. Some of them were refurbished figures, retouched, added details and new basing whilst the rest are all brand new.

Naismith/Roundway refurbished Medieval Knights rebased as wedges

Superb Quality refurbished knights rebased for very Late Medieval Kn S/I Wedges

Free Company/Condotta Knight Generals

Condotta General for Ghibilline Faction

HRE Knight General With Browned Steel Effect Armour 1400+ AD 

Minifig Late Knights painted as Duke of Milan 1450+ AD with Blackened Steel Armour 

Showing off because I am very wealthy Condotta Knight General with Gilded Armour

HRE Commander Knight for 1200 AD- 1400 AD

Last of my unpainted Norman Knights finally finished off after 20 years

HRE Command Element for 1050 AD - 1200 AD

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