Saturday, 23 April 2016

Attalid Pergamene or Roman Special Baggage Element or BUA

Special Baggage Element

After looking for a long time I finally tracked down a suitable resin cast edifice for my Attalid Pergamene army. It is also suitable for the Romans I have. It is a fish tank ornament and I found it on EBay. Whilst it cost £11-48 including delivery it is perfect for what I wanted to portray. I have the structure a very weak brown wash to emphasis the cracks and crevices and apart from a little bit of cleaning up of excess resin flash and a couple of bubbles required very little preparation. It is on my usual basing style and the base is 12cm x 8 cm so covers six standard baggage elements. It will also allow me to use it as a Built Up Area should I require one and then be perfectly sized to deploy six gammage elements within it and even put temporary fortifications around it is I want to. If I am playing larger sized games I will need to add a pair of loose baggage elements to the end as necessary. It is of course for 15mm scale but there are larger ones on sale for 28mm.

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  1. with so much material from the tank ornament industries we should have some fish on the table....