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Later Hungarians v Sui DBM v3.2 15mm 400 AP

The Sui Found Out They Do Not Like Paprika!

CinC and Royal Banderium Reg Kn S Naismith/Roundway Castings

After my marathon game against John on the 3rd I revised my Hungarian list to take account of how it interacted. The revised army list was organised as follows.
C1 - 13 E/13 EE/4.5 D [25%=3.5 EE] Reg CinC
C2 - 21 E/17 EE/6 D [25%=6 EE] Reg Sub
C3 - 21 E/17 EE/6 D [25%=6 EE] Reg Sub
C3 - 7 E/7 EE/3 D [25%=3 EE] Irr Sub [Szekler]
Army 62 E/54 EE/27 B

I have two mostly heavy foot commands and two mostly mounted commands which allows for maximum flexible deployment and mutual support. The list was written using the DBM army list book version and is v3.2 and v3.3 compliant. 

One of my regular gaming partners Bob M at Essex Warriors had finally completed his missing elements for his Sui army and wanted to try it out and suggested I bring along anything I fancied. As Bob and I are both playing in the club DBM tournament I decided to use an army that is very new to me.

Bob's army was organised as follows.
C1 - 18 E/18 EE/6 D [25%=5 EE] Reg CinC all mounted
C2 - 18 E/17 EE/6 D [25%=4.5 EE] Reg Sub mostly foot
C2 - 18 E/17 EE/6 D [25%=4.5"] Reg Sub mostly foot
Army 54 E/52 EE/26 B

At the set up dicing we both chose to invade in the Summer to try and minimise the impact of any weather effects. After two rounds of dicing I emerged as the defender and there was no weather effects as the difference was 1. Due to the lack of terrain options Bob decided to wait until I placed my terrain before choosing any terrain. I elected to place two 1.5 FE of Boggy RGo which fortunately fell fairly close to each other allowing me to anchor my army on them as I attacked. Much to my surprise Bob then chose no terrain.

I deployed L2R C4 - C3 - C2 with C1 behind and to the outside of C2. Bob deployed R2L C1 - C2 - C3. The idea was for my CinC to occupy the RGo with his archers whilst the fighting part of the command supported the Szeklers over on the far left if necessary depending on how Bob's commands were deployed as I had no idea exactly where he was going to place them or his element make up. As it turned out his two sub-generals commands were almost all archers apart from the general, a single cavalry element and a pair of Psiloi.

Bob's initial PIP rolls were quite low which hampered his advance and allowed me to react to his deployment. I pulled my Szeklers back in the face of the overwhelming numbers of Kn F, Cv O and LH F in the CinC's command [18 elements] whilst I columned up the CinC's mounted force and moved it over to my left flank along with the three sub-generals LH F from my right wing.

In the centre I quickly realised that my mounted forced would get overwhelmed unless I managed to delay them and threw as many spare PIP's as possible into the command to move over that left flank's command warwagon and a pair of spearmen and its Ps mitigator to shut down the open space a bit more.

Bob then moved his LH F opposite the side of my WWg O to prevent it from picking off his Kn F as it attempted to sneak past my open flank. Due to a quirk in the rules of DBM when an element is pinned by an enemy's elements front edge in what is called a Zone of Control this restricts what moved you are allowed to make. Luckily one of the moves allowed is to "Retire to its own initial rear", this meant I could continue to slide my WWg further over and in front of some of his Kn F whilst I slide over my spearmen in place of the WWg in front of his LH F.

Over on the far flank there was lots of inconsequential mutual glaring between his archers and my Clipieati and Armati infantry

Ist blood to the warwagon which shot some knights from the saddle.

Lots in shooting happened which resulted in a few recoils but no casualties.

Bob then used his high PIP dice to organise a double overlap against the warwagon which survived and recoiled the knight.

Eventually the luck ran out and the warwagon disappeared under the impact of a knight charge [6-1 dice roll!]

The loss of the warwagon left a looming gap and I forced the issue by throwing in the Szeklers and my CinC against the enemy knights and cavalry whilst I hit the supporting LH F in the flank with a pair of Royal Banderium.

Over on the other flank my heavy infantry were within striking distance of the enemy archers.

The CinC and a Szekler dispatched the two enemy Kn F in front of them whilst the other Szeklers recoiled the supporting cavalry leaving a lone cavalry element double overlapped and stuck in contact with my Szekler general.

It was at this time Bob again rolled really low with his PIP dice 1, 1, 2 which meant he was stuck in position with very few options. and on his right wing he threw in a lone Kn F against an isolated LH F. The knight promptly dies and my Szekler LH general took out the cavalry element that had stuck in combat the previous round.

I followed up this by throwing in a Banderium supported by a LH against another isolated Kn F and managed to get into contact with the archers with my left flank commands Armati and some of the right flank Clipieati and Armati.

My infantry proceed to tear huge gaps in the enemy archers.

In the picture below you can see the Banderium just about to destroy the last element at the top right to break the Sui CinC's command. Once the CinC's command broke, which was 18 EE when this was added to the losses that the archers had taken to 27 EE which broke his army.

Situation at the point Bob's army had broken.

The final score was 10 - 0 using the DBM score system. I had lost 4 EE which equalled 7.4% of my army which mean when converted to the BHGS score system meant I had a 31 - 1 victory.

I was very pleased with how my army had performed but still need a few more games to finalise its organisation as I am not sure if I want to revise it at the moment. Bob and I had a post match discussion about his army and I made a few suggestions about alternative compositions of the commands and perhaps taking fewer archers and using some spearmen in their place and taking more Ps. In fairness to Bob his game today had what appeared to be a lot of low dice rolls and mostly when he rolled high so did I !

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  1. Well played, Drew. You are certainly getting the hang of playing the Hungarians!