Saturday, 23 April 2016

Project Lead Mountain Continues Its Weary Path!

Latest 15mm Ancients Added To My Collection

Project Lead Mountain started out as my grand plan to finally clear out all of my unpainted metal for my ancients that I have had hanging around for the last 20 years. As is always the case I had grand plans to create this and that army but they ended up languishing unstarted in six boxfiles. I now only have one boxfile of what is in effect DBx Book 2 scrap which are not worth bothering with at the moment. I never bothered with DBx Book 1 and I have finally cleared all of my DBx Book 3 metal apart from a bag of round shielded types which I will dispose of which just leaves my DBx Book 4 metal left for Project Lead Mountain. Though I must confess I still have a load of Indians left to paint which will become part of my Arab Muslim collection and possible even kick start a proper Muslim Indian army one day.

So onto Project Lead Mountain and the pictures of what I have managed in the last two weeks.

Roundway RKB11 Burgundian Petardiers

These excellent castings from Roundway are not really Petardiers as they are throwing clay pots overhead with incendiary devices. I could not find any other company that makes them and I had to buy a bag of eight figures. Its annoying really when they only appear in two DBx army lists, War of the Roses Yorkists and Later Burgundian and then each list uses just a single element of Irr Ps X. I painted them all up as Burgundians and will be selling off at least two of them as they are surplus to me needs.
Minifigs 482X Mercenary Pikeman
These were originally purchased as part of a 15mm Burgundian project that I gave up on about six months after buying them over 20 years ago.

Minifigs 481X Flemish/Ordonnance Pikemen

As with all of my purchases the label on the packet is only a guide and these are now part of my Swiss army and will be used as Imperialist or Mercenary pikemen or can be used for my Low Countries army if I require very late equipped figures.

Rebased Roundway Late Medieval Archers for use in my Condotta army Figure Code now long forgotten

Spare Old Minifigs Archers rebased as Psiloi as you can never have enough Later Ps

Rebased mixed Essex? archers

Rebased Minifigs archers codes unknown

Newly painted Minifigs archers inspired by the Livery of Jasper Tudor

Rebased Roundway English Longbowmen possibly code RKE08

Old Minifigs rebased together as they were all painted with English tabards.

Some of the figures above will be appearing on EBay in due course as they are surplus to requirements. 


  1. Nice looking minis, archers are my favourites...

    1. If only everyone thought that as I have had some nicely painted archers on EBay for a while but it seems no one needs any archers!