Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Experimental Terrain Pieces

New Terrain Pieces Using A4 Canvas Inkjet Sheets

I was given a tip about A4 Canvas sheets suitable for ink jet printers. The person suggested I have a look and use some free pictures from the Interweb and create some terrain pieces. In the UK they are available from Hobbycraft in packs of five sheets for £8-50. see here for the website link as per today's date. http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/personal-impressions-a4-canvas-cloth/570224-1000

After dragging my bottom out of the chair to Romford on Saturday I purchased two packs. I spent ages finding suitable pictures from the Interweb and did a test print on plain paper thus.

I already have lots of pre-made terrain pieces I created using Artboard purchased from my local art supplies shop. I have texture pasted them and dry brushed them for effect thus. But they are only single sided as I found they didn't wear too well if you had texture paste rubbing against itself.

So I printed out the test sheet on the canvas paper and used these two terrain pieces as test subjects and glued the canvas to the backs of the sheets. Let them dry, trimmed them with a sharp blade and finally spray sealed them to protest the finish. I am sort of pleased with the final effect but remain to be convinced if I would make many more unless I managed to find more suitable pictures to use as designs. So here I now have a pair of Rocky Ground terrain features.

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