Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Project Lead Mountain Continues 10th May 2016 Installment

Latest Installment Of Project Lead Mountain

I am still desperately trying to clear out my unwanted metal. I have been disposing of the surplus stuff over the last three years via EBay search User ID Dyson690 for my current offerings.

In the meantime I have also been painting up the 15mm metal to either add to my collection as I create long unpainted armies or to finally finish off missing options in armies I already have. Alongside this I have also been slowly working through my older figures and refreshing them with new bases to bring them into line with my newest figures.

Museum Miniatures MD29 Painted as Gascon False French Town Militia

Museum Miniatures MD26 English Retinue Billmen


Mixed Minifigs Armoured Infantry 

Minifigs Z630 French Spearmen rebased

Essex Crossbowmen NA15 & MID57 Mixed - I think

Unknown Javelinmen

Unknown Javelinmen

Essex NA15 Crossbowmen

Mixed Essex and Unknown Crossbowmen Reg Bw I for 11th C

60 Elements of Unknown Archers Irr Bw I/O for Sale in Batches of 6 or 12 Elements

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