Friday, 20 May 2016

Project Lead Mountain - 20th May 2016

Project Lead Mountain

As part of Project Lead Mountain, my ongoing painting attempt to clear out all my unpainted 15mm metal. either to add to my collection or sell off because I should not have bought the metal in the first place I have also been refreshing and rebasing my older figures and finishing left over castings to match elements already painted.

Here are the lasted ancients elements I have been working on as part of my Feudal Era collection.

Blackhat FE24 Armoured Crossbowmen Reg Bw O & Reg Ps O

Blackhat FE23 Unarmoured Crossbowmen Irr Bw O/I & Irr Ps O

Unknown Norman Crossbowmen Irr Ps O

Essex Feudal Crossbowmen Code unknown - might be remastered

Essex MID63 Heavy Crossbowmen in Kettle Helm Reg Ps O

Essex MID60 Medium Crossbowmen in Kettle Helm Reg Ps O

Essex MID59 Medium Crossbowmen in Barbute Helm Reg Ps O

Roundway RKV12 Venetian Crossbowmen with Scratchbuilt Pavise

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