Friday, 20 May 2016

Later Hungarian Generals & Royal Banderium

Later Hungarian Generals & Royal Banderium

As the final part of my new Later Hungarian Army I needed to complete suitable command figures and the Royal Banderium. I still have well over 150 unpainted Medieval knights and commanders left over in Project Lead Mountain and I had a sort though and picked out eighteen castings that I thought would be perfect for the Black Army of Hungary see here for details I had already done a painting experiment to create knights wearing blackened armour so I was confident of the final result. I used a mix of mostly Minifigs castings plus some Naismith/Roundway figures and a few others that I cannot identify. After some research I managed to come up with suitable flags and pennons for the lances. The DBx lists allow for four knight generals including a Szekler & a pair of Royal Banderium bodyguard elements. Here are the pictures of my completed figures. I have plenty of generic knights for the High Medieval period so I do not need to create any more elements for this army.

King Matthias & Royal Banderium all mixed Essex Castings

Two Hungarian & a Szekler Sub-generals element

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