Friday, 22 July 2016

Project Lead Mountain Update 22/07/16

Project Lead Mountain

Despite the extreme heat over the last two weeks I have managed to finally complete some more of Project Lead Mountain. Most of the figures are new painting but a few are rebasing due to changing needs in my collection and my deciding that the casting mix on some of my elements just didnt look nice or work. One thing that did result from this post I ended up having to move round lots of figures to create additional storage in my four Feudal European boxes. So now my Swiss and Landsknechts have now got the company of all my Low Country Pikemen in a different box!

9 x Irr Bd O dismounted Dark Age knights for Eastern Franks inc the Holy Roman Emperor CinC

Donningtons MF03 & MF34 plus unknown very old command figures 

Roundway RKG04 Mounted Crossbowmen Reg LH I for my Italian Condotts

Minifigs Mounted Crossbowmen for my Later Medieval army Reg Cv O

Roundway RKS03 Mounted Crossbowmen for my Later Swiss army Reg Cv O 

Rebased Muslim Archers Reg Bw O

Left over Muslim Archers Reg/Irr Ps O

Roundway RKS14 Armoured Pikemen Reg Pk O 24 elements in all 

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