Thursday, 28 July 2016

Something Old Something New - Whats Next

Project Lead Mountain

PLM is finally winding down after what seems like forever. When I started it at the beginning of 2013 I thought I would only take a couple of years to get it done.

With July 2016 nearly over I did an audit of the last remaining things I had left to do.

Apart from a box file full of Book 2 DBM scrap bit, odd castings that are of no use to any current of future projects, I have a bag of LH F to expand my Armenians into Parthians, some Ps O for my Polybian Roman Spanish ally contingent option and yet more auxilia that could add to my Polybian Romans. I dont have anything left for Book 2 left to do.

My Book 3 pile consists of just a few kite shields swordsmen and some Milites left over from my East Franks and Normans army. I had toyed with buying more sword holding Milites to model my Swabians but I cannot see me needing them any time soon.

Book 4 is more of a problem, impulse purchases over the years which resulted me in far too many archers that I could ever use despite creating a Welsh army to soak them up, another 50 Feudal knights that I dont need because I have enough already painted and lots of medieval longbowmen that were going to be part of a Burgundian army that I decide I didn't want after buying the figures over 25 years ago. I also purchased a large number of Tin Soldier Ancient Indians as part of a project to morph my Arab army a bit further and then promptly found a bargain too cheap to miss on EBay that allowed me to run my Arab-Indian army without too much need to further painting of said Indians. Finally theres the Swiss, I decided that I would make up a Later Swiss army about the same time as I bought the Burgundians and have enough figures to make up 14 pike blocks, complete with matching harberdiers, crossbowmen and hand gunners, one for each Canton. I have completed 9 Cantons so far and am part way through another. This army also has the option to use mercenary troops so I also have enough halberdiers to create another 10 elements. The army list has potentially a lot more than 56 elements of reg Pk S in it to choose from so I will use the generic pikemen I recently completed from PLM to make up any shortages.

This means that I do not really have anymore new army projects left to do that can be completed. I have spent the last six months looking for a suitable project after I built my Later Hungarian army in January taking advantage of the annual sale with 25% off from Museum Miniatures. I have never liked Book 1 so despite looking through it for what like seems over 20 times I discarded this book as an option. Likewise I did the same with Book 2. Book 3 was more problematic as I could quickly complete the Eastern Franks but buying 99 knights just to paint up for the rare chance they might get used didnt seem worth it. I also looked at the Sui-Early Tang army which is way out of my comfort zone. This army came into my knowledge after I ended up facing it at Iceni 2015 but it performed so badly I thought that it was a purchase too far for an army I might neve use again.

So I moved onto Book 4 read it a few times and then noticed that the Later Muslim Indian army could be made up quite easily from the core of my Arab-Indian army. So now this is my new project for next year. I have ordered the missing bits from ERM, Essex Miniatures, Khurosan Miniatures and lastly Irregular Miniatures. I spent £180 in all for the bare metal and will have some bits left over as usual because the planned purchase never pans out as you want especially if you decide that the figures you spent good money on are not exactly what you wanted. If I threw caution to the wind I could probably complete it within a month of the figures arriving but this means I wont be working on the remaining castings in PLM. 

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