Saturday, 12 August 2017

Baueda 15WFN Wattle Fence Set

Baueda Wattle Fence Set

Back in Feb 2017 I blogged about a bargain purchase I got on EBay and how it contained a few bits and pieces that were going to end up in Project Lead Mountain. 
See for the original blog. I eventually sold the older tents I had replaced so this EBay purchase cost me nothing.

I have still not used the various sets of Supplies I now have but I did clean up ready for painting the Wattle Fence Set. This week I finally got round to painting the fences which will be used to fortify various Built Up Areas in DBx games.

The fence pieces came in seven parts, five were 80mm long and there was a single 40mm long section and a 40mm long gate section. I quickly realised that five 80mm long sections were too many and I cut one of them into two 40mm length. This now gives me complete flexibility on how I can use these item on the table top. Being resin they of course needed a deep clean using washing up liquid to remove the casting release agent.

I glued them to MDF based that I had already applied magnetic sheeting to. A quick all over coat of black as undercoat ensured that when I was ready to paint them it would be a simple case of a three colour paint job.

The based were textured with Vallejo Earth Brown Sandy Paste and highlighted and finished off with patches of static grass.

The end result gives you a very generic looking set of wattle fences that will be suitable for lots of different uses.

Baueda 15WFN Wattle Fence Set

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