Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wallachia - Under Vlad The Impaler 5

Wallachian Army Part 5 - The Rustici Light Troops

The Wallachians get a fairly large contingent of Rustici/Tserani infanty which in DBx are graded as Irr Hd F. I already have a large collection of generic peasant hordes so I had no intention of duplicating these for my Wallachians. They have the option to get upgraded to Irr Ax O eg Auxilia which for those not conversant with DBx are light infantry and a lot more useful than Hordes.

Having trawled through the various manufacturers to find suitable figures I noticed that Essex Miniatures do some figures specifically designed for use with the Wallachians and Moldavians coded as EMED74 https://www.essexminiatures.co.uk/collections/15mm-medieval-eastern-european/products/emed74

They have four variations but since I wanted to keep a theme going with the castings I have previously used from ERM I only wanted to use the two castings equipped with the Trapezoid shaped shields. A quick email to Essex and confirmation that they would do a special figure mix back in June and hey presto I get sufficient castings to create sixteen elements of Irr Ax O. The list only allows you to take fifteen elements but they will be useful in other armies of the locality should I ever decide to morph them into another army.

As is usual with Essex castings the figures are very clean with minimal flash and extraneous metal attached to them. Cleaning them up properly took me about 30 minutes in all and they were put aside for painting in the queue. They were finally completed today when I managed to get into the garden after yesterdays rain stopped me spray varnishing them.

All the shields are hand painted and based on designs I found in the Warhammer Historicals Vlad the Impaler Scenario book that I still have for sale on EBay.

I am very pleased with the overall look of the elements and the mixed castings along with the painted shields makes them look very irregular.

The Wallachians are now about 80% complete. I now have a large batch of Irregular HR9 Hungarian Archers to modify and paint up as Irr Bw Inferior Curteni Archers and Skirmishers before I move on to paint the small Moldavian Allied Contingent I plan to have available to use with this army.

Essex Miniatures EMED74 Wallachian & Moldavian Spearmen with shields


  1. Nice work. They are pretty enough to be Ax(S)...

  2. Nice clean looking work Drew. They have come out well. Shame they share the Essex 'wooden pose, but its an absolute pain to cut file and animate, though though thankfully the Essex metal is at least soft enough to do so.. Not a big fan of the white cloak/black cloak regulated alternation though. I usually try to mix mine up a bit more.

    1. Doug the cloaks are actually fur or broadcloth depending on the castings. There was very little else I could do with the figures and since I had brown fur I used dark grey cloth for the other casting.