Monday, 14 August 2017

Later Muslim Indians v Alexandrian Imperial

DBM 500 AP Game

Tim and I had an interesting game of DBM yesterday. We had both entered Attack at Devizes last month and Tim commented that he needed more practice playing at 500 AP to speed up his game. We decided to have a game using Timed Tournament Rules to have a practice. Before I finish we signally failed to achieve this. Instead of taking 30 minutes to complete deployment we took over 50 minutes and it went down hill from then with us taking about 30 minutes to complete each pair of bounds instead of the planned 15 minutes. Tim used Alexandrian Imperial and I used Later Muslim Indian. Tim said he didnt enjoy playing against my army as he struggled to achieve anything in the allocated time allowed.

We had strong winds blowing in the game which affected all of our shooting apart from a couple of rare shots.

We continued to play after time would have been called. I then lost my micro-command trying for a move which had it succeeded would have almost certainly broken his Classical Indian Ally command by killing his ally general. It was not to be. With my micro ally gone Tim was leading 6-4 so whilst I was very slowly losing in the centre I concentrated on his Indians and managed to break them returning the score back to 5-5. It was then we agreed to call time on the game as we had been playing for for over 5 hours. I actually enjoyed using my army as it gave me a really hard time and forced me to think out of my comfort zone. I learnt a few more things about this army and how it interacts.

After getting my South Welsh destroyed last game 32-0 due to a run of bad combat dice Tim cant complain that I tended to get good PIP dice during this game and managed to always have enough PIP's for one command every bound. It was the same selection of dice I used in the disastrous South Welsh game.

Heres some pictures from the game.

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