Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wickerman - Baggage and Other Items

A Wickerman Baggage Element Remodelled

Back in 2015 I won a 3rd place prize in a DBM tournament. It was an eight element sized Wickerman Baggage Vignette. Whilst quite nicely executed it just sat in my trophy draw because it wasn't of any use to me. I even listed it on EBay thinking that someone else might find it more use.

Here are the pictures I took when I placed it on EBay but after a few weeks it hadn't sold so I delisted it having decided that I would attempt to remodel it into something of more use.

As you can see it was not badly put together its just that being 160mm x 80mm in size it restricted its use to 500 point games or as a Built Up Area for any army of the early Christian era.

After carefully detaching the figures and fire from the meal sheet I eventually prised the cart off the base which left the sheep feeding on what turned out to be modelling clay rocks and the Wickerman. The rocks disintegrated as soon as I put the knife under the edge so were not savable. The cart fell apart and had to be glued together properly using superglue. The Wickerman was made out of Milliput and rock hard but the supports were just matchsticks. I carefully lifted him off the base but the matchsticks did not remain attached. 

Having played around with the various pieces I decided that I would make them into a four element Wickerman baggage piece and a two element baggage piece with the cart and the feeding sheep.

I didn't like the lurid violet clergymen so I repainted them into something much more traditional.

The end results are below. I am thinking about if I should keep or sell them now.

Along with this I had some plaster bushes that were purchased off EBay as prizes but were so awful that no one wanted them. Even after I repainted them there was no interest so I have finally tried to make them at least useful for club games by putting them on bases.

Plaster Bushes as supplied from the EBay retailer

After I totally repainted them and sealed with varnish

Finally I have been asked to make some baggage elements as prizes for an upcoming tournament. They are Egyptian in theme and I have no idea where Jer got them from. A quick undercoat a few coats of paint, dry brushing and some thick coats of hand painted varnish later they were ready to be based up. I wasnt sure what final effect he wanted so have just done them generically so they will be suitable for a wide range of armies in this region. Told to make them cheap and cheerful!

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