Friday, 17 November 2017

Final Figures For My Sargonid Army

Sargon the Great is ready for World Domination

With this blog entry I have officially completed all the figures I need to field my Sargonid Army in any format I want to try. The last 24 castings are Museum Miniature Assyrian Archers AS04 and are slightly different in pose from the Bowmen elements I posted recently. I now have enough Reg Ps O for every eventuality.

I still have a small box of left over castings which I can paint up in due course to replace some of the figures I purchased off EBay but at present I have no urgent need to paint them.


  1. A nice and impressive unit, love the base as well...

    1. Vellejo Sandy Paste. Umber edging and a weak umber top wash. Then a selection of seven different tufts and small stones for effect.