Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Old School Painting Commission

Going Retro!

I was asked by someone at the wargames club I am a member of to paint up some twelve figures for him. I must admit that I have not painted 25/28mm scale figures for over 30 years. The main worry I have was that he wanted them painted to match figures he already had which meant I had no idea what colours to use to get a good match. The figures were very old style and the painting was that style we all used to do in the 1980's. Solid block colours without any shading or highlights.

They are for Imperial Romans and represent their Legionary Archers and the Auxiliary Archers.

I have now completed the first six figures for the Legionary Archers. I have been given a sample element for each type to use as a painting pattern for each type which allowed me to experiment a little on the colours. I think that given that I had no idea what colours to use except by trial and error and careful use of my eyes under a bright lamp I have ended up making a good match.

What you you think? Here's the master element I had to match to.

Here's the end result of my match painting attempt.

I now have the Auxiliary batch to complete and I will add them to the end of this blog once they are done. Thankfully I dont need to base them as he is going to do that to ensure they look similar.


  1. LOL, I've just been painting up an extra 20mm Cretan archer by Phoenix to go in with 3 I painted 30 years ago and had fun trying to match the colours and painting style.

    I'm stuck trying to decide whether to go with the old flat green paint base or to do a flocked base (I'm thinking the latter even though it means redoing the other figures basing.

  2. Theres were painted flat green by request so once they were based there was no silver metal showing through any gaps.