Sunday, 1 July 2018

Scythians - The Baggage

Scythian Baggage with added gore!

The Scythians were a nomadic race renowned for chopping off the heads of their enemies. As part of the rights of passage a young warrior wasn't allow to cut their hair until they had offered a head as tribute to their Headman or ideally their king.

So as is usual for me I like to create special baggage elements for my armies where possible. I purchased a selection of Xyston foot & accessories to create the army along with some of their civilians and severed heads! The shields are from my bag of spares & the items of baggage are from Baueda. The tufts & gravel were purchased on EBay as previously mentioned. Vallejo Earth Brown Paste & Umber edging to finish before a coating of Matt Spray Sealer. I wanted it to be a feature piece so made it as a Double Based Element which can be swapped out for other normal elements should it be at risk of being lost to enemy attack. I started this six days ago just after I posted the entry on creating Horse Herd baggage elements from 40 year old Minifigs castings. I went to town with the painting for this special element & I am very pleased with how it has turned out.

Lastly as part of the army they of course need some tents. I decided that they would have probably used animal hide covered tents similar to the style of a Mongol Yurt. Baueda make two Mongol Yurts in their range 15YUR and 15YUR-b. They were easy to prepare as usual and painted up quite nicely.

I am still missing two more baggage elements which will be added to this blog entry in due course but until they are done I shall just use a pair of tethered Horse Herd elements if necessary.