Saturday, 21 January 2017

Ancient Spanish Ally Contingent Finally Finished

Last of the Spanish Finally Done

Project Lead Mountain rumbles on and I have finally completed another small part of it. Back in 2015 I blogged about completing my Spanish Ally Contingent to use with my Polybian Romans

I still had 32 castings left over to enable me to field all three types of allies depending on what I though was suitable. They are new Essex Castings MPA109 which were resculpted a few years ago. This meant that I had been left with not being able to get the older castings that I wanted so purchased 4 packs of the new one not realising they had changed. They are very nice sculpts and were very crisp and had very little flash.

I didn't want them to be particular distinctive as that meant that I would not be able to swop them around depending on the Spanish tribe I was fielding. I ended up making eight elements of Irr Ax S and four elements of Irr Ps S with the spare eight figures left over.

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