Saturday, 21 January 2017

Project Lead Mountain 21st January 2017

Project Lead Mountain Update 21/01/17

As part of the ongoing update to my figure collection I am refreshing and rebasing some older figures that I have because their basing style was so old fashioned it ruined the figures. It also allows me to retouch and improve the figures I painted many years ago to a higher standard.

As I rationalise my collection parts of it are ending up on EBay to hopefully find a new home and get some use. I often paint up figures and only ever use them once or twice and then paint up new figures that I like even more which means the older figures never get any use.

This instalment from PLM only contains refurbished and rebased figures.

The first batch are twelve Foot Crossbowmen with Pavise on their backs. They are Tin Soldier MA10 Castings I have repainted the Pavise with various Italian Cities Coat of Armes making them suitable for most Condotta or later armies or for use as Mercenaries in many other European armies. They are surplus to requirements and will be going onto EBay in due course.

These are Roundway castings but I am unsure of the figure code. I painted them up as generic mercenaries or Civic Militia many years ago. Putting them on new bases has made all the difference and they will sit in reserve for when I need more than the normal number of crossbowmen.

I think these are Essex Miniatures but I cannot be sire as there was no code on them. I obtained them many years ago in a Bring and Buy and they started life as two elements of Reg Bw O. Since I needed a four more Psiloi Crossbowmen I unbased them, repainted their leggings to match and made them into four element of Reg Ps O on new bases.

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