Friday, 20 January 2017

Eastern Franks in DBM

Eastern Franks - Filling Out The Missing Elements

As part of Project Lead Mountain I am finally starting to finish off the missing bits of lots of armies I have including morphing armies into other lists. I have a Norman army which I first used under DBM v1.1 and gets a run out once in a while. It can double up for Eastern Franks of course. The DBMM list includes a 4th Irr Sub-general which represents the contingent Edward the Confessor supplied on 1049 AD. I have already painted up his contingent see my blog entry for some pictures. 

The list requires that for every element of Irr Bd S I take I must take an element of Irr Bts S. So I cast around for suitable boat models and found that Navwar make a Saxon ship in 1/1200th scale Code AGS22. Since they are very small I ordered four packs [2 per pack] and mounted 2 models to a base. The paint job is very basic but they do the job quite well.

I still have 24 elements of Donningtons sword armed Milites to paint for the Swabian Irr Kn I that form a large part of this army.

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