Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bohemian Pavise Protected Crossbowmen

Bohemian Mercenary Crossbowmen

Back in September 2015 I needed to make up some Regular Bw O Pavise protected crossbowmen at short notice. Rather than spend ages doing them I took some already painted crossbowmen that were based up as Irr Bw O and decided to refresh and rebase them and put plain painted Pavise in front of them as a quick fix. I blogged the result back then. They were only ever going to be a stop gap fix. I have now managed to paint their Pavises properly according to a large design sheet I found of Bohemian shield designs. The figures are Essex Miniatures and the Pavise are from Tin Soldier. I am very pleased with the final effect and am glad I bothered to make the effort to do them after 16 months. This means I will now need to start selling off more figures as I decide what to keep.

How they originally looked.

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