Saturday, 21 January 2017

Bohemian Mercenary Foot Crossbowmen Reg Bw X/I in DBMM

Bohemian Mercenaries for the Med Germans

With the publication of the DBMM revised 2nd Edition army lists last September we were all surprised to see that Phil Barker had introduced a new troop combination in two lists. These are Bohemian Mercenary Foot Crossbowmen Reg Bw X/I double based elements for use in the Medieval German and Hussite lists. In the latest version of DBMM v2.1 rules this is an illegal troop combination as it is in DBM. WRG and Phil have not yet responded to confirm if this is a mistake or explain how this new troop combo is supposed to work in DBMM. They are actually very attractive looking troops for the later 1400's and since I have a pile of left over spare figures in Project Lead Mountain I decided to create sufficient elements to use in the Med German list.

The front rank are Roundway castings. I filed off the shields as far as possible and glued a mix of now discontinued Corvus Belli Pavises to the fronts. The rear ranks are Minifigs which despite having the figure code 67X are actually the 1st Generation Renaissance figures which were remastered some years ago so are no longer available. Dave Ryan may well reintroduce them into the range having obtained a single pack of castings at some time in the future under a different code. UPDATE they are now available as Code 967X [06/03/17]

Due to there being no common consensus on how to operate these figures within the rules I adopted a different ploy when I based up the figures [more on this below]. Each Pavise is decorated with an historic coat of arms from Bohemia. I created twelve elements to be used as six double bases. 

Due to my needing more Regular crossbowmen I decided that I would mount the elements singly and use masking tape to temporarily join them together when needed. This means I have eight elements of Reg Bw O to use at any time and another eight elements of Reg Bw X when I need them and saves me from painting up single elements of duplicate figures when removing shooting casualties.

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